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The second edition of Codemotion, the event which is open to all languages and technologies will take place on 23rd and 24th March 2012 in Rome. The main innovations of Codemotion 2012 will be: two days dedicated to technical interventions and the fact that there will be two events held simultaneously in Rome and Madrid.

The lengthening from one to two days will be the occasion to arrange all the activities over a longer period of time. Participants will have the opportunity to listen to all talks without running the risk of having to deal with the overlapping of interventions.

Being held simultaneously, the events of Rome and Madrid will connect the two capital cities through passion for technology and for programming. Codemotion Roma and Codemotion Madrid are organized with the same spirit and format where the technical contents and Codemotion People will be the protagonists of the two events.

Codemotion will be held in Rome on 23rd and 24th March 2012.
Entry is free, as always.
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Codemotion is the event open to all languages and technologies. It is the evolution of Javaday Roma, which after four editions has become the event of the art of programming.

The first edition of Codemotion has been in March 2011 and over 2000 people, 25 communities and 22 sponsor firms have become members.

During Codemotion 2011 there have been 65 talks on: gaming, mobile, hacking,  os, tools, what’s hot, language and innovation.

The second edition of Codemotion will be held on 23rd and 24th March and there will be two main innovations: the lengthening of activities from one to two days and the fact that two events will be held simultaneously in Rome and Madrid.

Codemotion’s program will be defined through Call for Paper which is open to everyone. The proposals’ selection will be done by representatives of the official communities which are connected to both the analysis of language and software development.

During Codemotion, all participants will have the chance to have new professional opportunities by leaving  their CV to the sponsor firms.

We are working on a project to promote the relationship between developers and startups and their synergic work for innovation.

Codemotion will be hosted by the Engineering department of the Third University of Rome.
Entry is free, as always.
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Programming is an art and to create a code of good quality, great experience is needed. Who thinks that developing software is something mechanic, always the same and doesn’t need stimuli and fantasy is wrong.

You can send your talk proposal within March 3rd and participate to the second edition of Codemotion Roma as a relator. Codemotion is an event open to all languages and technologies.

The second edition of Codemotion will be held on 23rd and 24th March 2012 and it will present two innovations: the lengthening of activities from one to two days and the fact that two events will be held simultaneously in Rome and Madrid.

The selection for Codemotion Roma’s proposals, which can be submitted by filling in the form on the event’s website, will be done by representatives of the Italian official community which are connected to different languages and software development and collaborate with Codemotion Roma. The selected proposals will be published in February and will be inserted in the official program of Codemotion.

Codemotion Roma will be held on 23rd and 24th March 2012.
Entry is free as always.
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Codemotion Roma 2012 Report

On March 23rd and 24th the second edition of Codemotion Rome took place. Codemotion is the event  dedicated to all languages and technologies and it collects its inheritance from Javaday.

This year, differently from last year, the event lasted two days, with a concurrent event in Madrid.
These two days involved 3700 participants in total: 1700 on the first day, Friday 23/03, and 2000 on Saturday 24/03. The number of people who entered Codemotion reached a total of 2700.

Other than technical interventions, participants could choose among various initiatives: a hackathon, a panel on new trends, two labs on mobile, one lab for children, a gaming area and an event on startups.

The number of interventions in the technical program were over 80 and were divided according to their topic: Mobile, Innovation, Web, Gaming, Methods, Security/Hardware, Open, Languages and Enterprise. Speakers participated in a public call for paper and talks were selected with the help of 20 communities linked to software development and languages which support Codemotion.

The event discovered various technologies, frameworks and languages. This year- apart from talking about traditional topics- we also dedicated time to talk about Perl fractal cryptography and about Erling and Scala. The presence of international speakers who gave their talk in English was of great relevance. Moreover, many of  the Italians -well known for their role in the community- contributed with their talks.

We passed from the most retro vintage -how to program C64 to create games (!)- to the utilization of Webgl in order to create browser based games of the new generation. HTML 5, iOS and Android were the most appreciated topics. At Codemotion we also gave particular attention to technologies which are less known to the public but still, potentially interesting: Kolin and Calabash amazed the public, also thanks to the cleverness of the speakers.

In order to put into practice the development of mobile applications there were two labs. In the first lab, by Microsoft, participants created and learnt how to improve applications for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. In the second lab, conducted by Samsung, both the development platform for Bada and Samsung SMART TV were presented along with the interoperability between the two.

On the night between the 23rd and 24th March, an Hackathon was organized in collaboration with Why MCA. Developers, designers and simple enthusiasts measured themselves with the creation of game prototypes and applications interacting with people and devices of everyday life. The best hacks were then awarded by a panel and were presented to the public.
The gaming area hosted around ten independent development teams which had the chance to show their games to the public of Codemotion and received feedback directly from the players. The confrontation with startups and companies was a very useful and interesting networking experiment. In the parallel section dedicated to gaming, one of the most appreciated talks was that of Stefano Gualeni. His talk was about how academic research and philosophy influence design and gameplay, showing that the interdisciplinarity of the subject is also attractive for hard-coders. The presence of the 80's style cabinet of Winnitron Italia project was the icing on the cake which amused and excited participants with a dive into the past.

Thanks to the support of Mozilla we have been able to create a lab for teenagers. Our goal was to spread competences and make people understand how important it is to learn to write code and develop software to prosper in the fluctuant digital world.
InnovationLab organized a huge event, entirely dedicated to startups. The main idea was to let startups introduce themselves to developers in order to find co-founders and staff to employ. The guests who took part in the event were: Gianluca Dettori and Niccolo Sanarico from Pixel, Giuseppe D'antonio from CircleMe and obviously Augusto Coppola from Innovation Lab.

With the help of Italian Founders a panel on new trends was organized to take stock of the evolution and the application of information technologies and also of communication of everyday life. Those who participated were: Alfonso Mariconda (VP New Projects Development, Telecom Italia), Guido Vetere, (Manager at Center for Advanced Studies of Rome, Ibm), Paolo Merialdo (Lecturer at the Third University of Rome), Marco Zamperini (Chief Innovation Officier, Value Team) and of course Nicola Mattina (Entrepreneur, Italian Founders).
Codemotion has been a precious occasion for sponsors to talk to a motivated audience made of technicians, managers and students. All sponsors managed to collect the CV's of participants.

Participants were: Samsung, Telecom Italia, Oracle, red Hat, Microsoft, mozilla, Nokia, Capgemini, Intel, Staer Sistemi, K-Tech, Sogetel, Wedjaa, Ymobe, Eni, KPMG, Dnsee, Extreama, Beeweb, Quanta, IBM.

Telecom Italia presented the Smart Cabinet Contest, oriented towards university students and developers. The objective was to find innovative ideas to obtain a new user experience for those who utilize services and functionality of game cabinets in the cities of the future.
The communities represent the beating heart which keeps millions of developers close together. They supported the organization and the promotion of Codemotion right from the first edition .The communities which collaborated with Codemotion Rome 2012 were: Jug Roma, Gruppo Utenti Sviluppatori PHP, Lega Nerd,, Whymca, AspItalia Italian Agile Day, Gtug Firenze, Ruby Italia, Extreme Programming Italian User Group, ILDN, Python Italia, User Group Italiano Dot Net, jsDay, phpDay, Androidiani, DomusDotNet, ThinkMobile, Plone Italia, IA Summit, Svilupparty, ITPUG,, Java Italian Association.

The Engineering Department of the Third University of Rome has always hosted this event. The fact that Codemotion was held in the university shows dialogue between the academic world and the business and technical one. Choosing a university as the venue of the event was also a great opportunity to involve students.
Codemotion -in collaboration with IBM and the advisory body of the Department of Computer Engineering of the Third Univerity of Rome- will provide three scholarships, each worth1000 Euro to the students of  the Third University of Rome, with the objective of awarding commitment and merit of students.

The realization of Codemotion benefitted from the contribution of several partners which enhanced the value of the event with their great expertise. Among those who collaborated there were: The Third Univerity of Rome, Webdebs, Indievault, Informatici senza Frontiere, Innovactionlab, Enlabs, Elastic, Malica Worms, Nois3lab, Bmeme, Dedicate.

Codemotion was organized with passion by Mara Marzocchi, Chiara Russo, ugo Landini, Andrea Ferlito and Roberto Manicardi. The organizers thank all those who collaborated, the speakers and special thanks go to the numerous volunteers who made the realization of this magnificent event possible.

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