ROMA 23+24.03.2012

  • Facoltà di Ingegneria
  • di Roma Tre
  • Via Vito Volterra, 48

Codemotion 2012: Beyond the code, there is emotion

Programming is an art, to create great code great experience is needed.  Developing software is not a mechanical and unchanging activity, without stimulus or imagination. We use our heads but more than that, our hearts.

Codemotion 2012: Beyond the code, there is emotion
Beyond Rome: Madrid. We’ve gone international!

CODE... is what you make of it

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Why we are here :-)

This event is our sixth.  The first was held in 2006: Javaday number one.  we wanted our own event, for the community, created by the community.  Year after year we’ve grown and evolved to become Codemotion: it is not just about java anymore, it is now also about other types of languages and technologies. Codemotion 2012 brings with it two big changes: a two day event and concurrent events in Rome and Madrid.


Ideas and suggestions: we’ll cherish them. Over the years, the conference has continuously transformed thanks to the suggestions we’ve received from participants and friends.  Your feedback helps us to improve Codemotion.  We gladly consider collaborative proposals from partners within the theme of the event.  So, what are you waiting for? Write to us at and give us a hand in creating a truly great Codemotion.

Call For Papers: This is it!

The value of Codemotion resides in its technical program.  To achieve this, we look for speakers at the crossroads between experience, passion and contamination.  We are not interested in product talks or summaries of today’s technology’s buzz words.  We prefer new points of view even on current technologies.  A good talk does not try to teach but rather seeks to make more simple the next leasrning process. Its your moment, propose your talk!

Sponsor Codemotion

For companies with strong technical ties, involved in advanced, innovative projects, sponsoring Codemotion represents an important opportunity to speak to an involved and motivated public.  It is rare to find an event in Italy with such a wide and skilled audience.  Codemotion attendees are interested in innovation and quality software development and take advantage of the event for its CV collection campaign.

Don’t Forget your CV

The success of the CV collection campaign grows each year.  The positive testimonials of the participants, who’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with companies from Codemotion, confirm that the campaign is effective for participants and sponsors.  If you’d like to take advantage this year of the CV collection campaign, read some suggestions on how to get the most out of this opportunity :-)

Students and professors!

We value greatly high school and college student participation.  Unfortunately it isn’t always easy to promote inside schools.  If you are a student or a professor and want to help us promote Codemotion, write to us at  We’ll collaborate and develop activities.