ROMA 23+24.03.2012

  • Facoltà di Ingegneria
  • di Roma Tre
  • Via Vito Volterra, 48


Give us a hand!

We are in need of all the help we can get to have a great Codemotion :-) Activities are varied and anyone can collborate before and during the event. If you want to give us a hand, write to us at

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Event Volunteers

On the days of Codemotion, Friday 23 and Saturday 24March 2012, we’ll need volunteers to distribute gadgets, assist in classrooms, and help with recording.  We’ll organize so that volunteers hve the opportunity to attend the talks that they are most interested in.  To volunteer at the event, contact us on and let us know your availability and preferences.

Preparation volunteers

The evenings before Codemotion we will need a hand in preparing exposition spaces: moving  and arranging desks, mounting panels, and preparing gadgets and distribution materials. To be a volunteer, contact us on letting us know your availability and preferences.

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On our press release page [under contruction] you’ll find Codemotion updates. Once they are published, share a press release on yoru site or blog. Tell us where you’ve shared our news and you’ll be included on our Partner page.

Include a banner on your site

Here are the Codemotion banners. Choose the one which is the most appropriate for your website: Contact us on: to let us know that you’ve published a banner and you’ll be included on our Web Partner page.

If you are a student or professor

We really appreciate the attendance of high school and university students. If you are a student or professor and you want to help up in making Codemotion more popular contact us on :-)

Invite friends and collegues via email

Send an email invite to Codemotion to your collegues and friends whom you think would be interested in the themes of the event.  Use our press releases to help you compose an email.  [under construction]

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If you too are a fan of the bluest bird there is, help us spread our news by re-tweeting them.  Find us on Twitter! @CodemotionRoma

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