ROMA 23+24.03.2012

  • Facoltà di Ingegneria
  • di Roma Tre
  • Via Vito Volterra, 48

Who we are

Our story and what we want to do!

Programming is an art, great experience is needed to create great code.  Developing software is not a mecchanical and unchanging activity, without stimulus or fantasy.

We are in second year of Codemotion and sixth year of our event.  It has been a long road on which, sharing emotions, we’ve tried to empassion you about technology and good programming.  Our scope is not to teach but to provide enthusiasm, ideas, and stimuli.  

Last year, after four years of Javaday, an evolutionary leap transformed it into Codemotion.  Opening our doors to all programming languages and technologies has increased sources for creativity and job opportunities.  We have also changed the focus of the event, from a product (Java, at the time Sun, now Oracle) to a discipline: programming, an advantage for everyone.

At the first Codemotion, with the help of Communities, we developed a very dense program, a real technical marathon.  The second Codemotion will seek to offer more opportunity by spreading the event over two days.  We are also going international!  In parallel with Rome, Codemotion Madrid will also take place.  Two events organized in the same spirit and format, where the protagonists are the technical contents and Codemotion People.

If you have suggestions or ideas for Codemotion, write to us at:

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